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On a road trip from Seattle to San Francisco. Travel=joy.

On a road trip from Seattle to San Francisco. Travel=joy.


Dani Levy

You're looking at a journalist in motion. I've spent my life traveling around searching for people and places that bring to others a better understanding of our world's many colors. Addictions include surfing, both on Youtube and in the water, extreme article reading, and uploading X-Files, Star Trek, or any number of shows into my brain. As a self proclaimed nerd, I oscillate between geeking over the usual suspects (travel, video games, superheroes) and the less expected, like policy wonkiness, nature videographers, and B-List actors. 

I can edit with Premiere or Avid, write like nobody's business (or perhaps, like YOUR business), and Snap/Facebook Live for days. For shoots, I've been on both professional and independent, but I can also film my own video with a variety of expert-grade camera equipment. 

I currently work at CBS News as a junior associate producer. Prior to that, I served as Only One Sky's social media manager and at Variety Magazine as an editorial journalism resident (where my writing has been featured in the mag and online to the tune of 500,000 page views). 

In June 2017, I graduated from Northwestern University, where I formally studied journalism, political science, anthropology and entrepreneurship. On campus I was involved with Sexual Health and Assault Peer Educators, Gamma Phi Beta, North by Northwestern Magazine, and Northwestern Sketch Television. 

And if you don't believe that I'm all about exploring, let me give you some insight. In the past 12 months, I've traveled to Seattle, Chicago, L.A., New York, Banff & Jasper National Parks, Belarus, Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Amsterdam, Spain, Portugal, England and Indonesia. 

We'll see where I go tomorrow. 



Some photos from the world travels. Featured are pics from Washington, the US Virgin Islands, Costa Rica, Switzerland, Italy, Israel, California. 

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